06 October 2022.
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Surfing Holidays Overview

The sport of surfing is no longer the sole preserve of twenty-something bleached blond body beautiful’s. This cool adrenaline fuelled pastime is now practised by a wide range of people including those with limited hair, no hair and even some who are slightly overweight. And a few of them, are daring to go on the increasingly popular surfing holiday.

The great thing about surfing is its accessibility. All that’s needed is a body of water and some waves. Young kids from about the age of five can sample the sport initially through the practise of body boarding and any able bodied adult can do it whatever their age. A body board – for those that don’t know – is essentially a very short surfboard just big enough to accommodate a torso which you lie upon while being propelled along by a wave.

Entry into the world of surfing involves no more than a quick demonstration of going from the prone paddling position to the upright surfing position followed by a few practices on land. And then it’s into the water to catch that first wave. Sounds easy? That’s because it is – once you’ve got the knack that is. Learning the knack for some however, does require determination and perseverance. But with helpful words of encouragement from a patient instructor, even the less well balanced can learn how to surf.

Surfing holidays are one area of adventure travel which tour companies really haven’t got into. If you want to go on a surfing holiday you’re only real option is to arrange everything yourself. And that’s where Devotion2motion.com can help. Using the combination of our surf resort reviews and other useful information and tools like our travel planner, you should be able to ascertain whether a location is suitable for your next surfing holiday.

We select surf spots and resorts based on the level of services in that location. We seek out the places presenting the most reliable surfing conditions and those where reputable surf schools operate. Most good surf schools provide equipment hire including surfboard, wetsuits and hoods and gloves if required.

Surfing Holiday Considerations

Surfing as a sport relies on a particular set of conditions for it to become truly enjoyable. So choosing a surfing holiday destination is primarily based on wave reliability – something that is not always easy to predict. However, certain locations are more reliable than others and naturally worth considering. Of course if you need to hire equipment and book lessons then you need to know what’s available in the way of surf schools and surfboard hire outlets. Next there is safety to consider. What marine hazards exist and is there a rescue boat for instance. And finally for those days when there is no swell what alternative activities are available.