06 October 2022.
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Sailing Holidays Overview

The sport of sailing is pretty diverse. There’s everything from dinghy sailing to yachting and all the different classes there in. The number of different types of sailing craft is simply astounding and to the uninitiated can be completely mind boggling. But if you are uninitiated please don’t be put off. Sailing, or certainly the basics of sailing are very easy to learn. And to pilot most dinghy’s and many small yachts you only need to know the basics.

This is great news, because it means that anyone, regardless of previous experience or qualification, can go on a sailing holiday. Even if you’ve never set foot on a sailing boat before some flotilla holiday operators will give you command of a yacht from day one. Of course you’ll be under the wing of the flotilla skipper on the lead yacht, who has overall responsibility for the group.

Most sailing holiday operators however, will only let relative beginners loose on the water with a yacht once they’ve been on a flotilla training course or if they can demonstrate adequate previous experience. Courses can be taken as part of the sailing holiday package or candidates can attend an RYA or operator linked training centre in the UK prior to travel.

Flotilla Sailing Holidays

A flotilla is a group of yachts that will often follow a pre-defined course from one destination to the next throughout the sailing holiday. There is usually a lead yacht crewed by sailing professionals who together provide both nautical and mechanical expertise as well as other holiday rep type services when required. Couples, families or groups of friends may crew their own yacht and individuals can band together with other individuals to make up a crew. Crew members generally eat and sleep onboard although some stops afford the opportunity to eat in local restaurants and tavernas or have a barbecue on the beach.

Bareboat Charter Sailing Holidays

A bareboat yacht charter allows sailors with sufficient sailing experience or qualifications the freedom to chart their own course within an operator’s designated sailing area. There is often a support yacht nearby to provide sailing or engineering expertise when required.

Skippered Charter Sailing Holidays

Skippered yacht charters are similar to both flotilla and bareboat charters except they come with a qualified skipper who takes responsibility for sailing the yacht.

Dinghy Sailing Holidays

Dinghy sailing holidays are shore-based sailing holidays. No previous qualifications or experience are needed as dinghy sailing holiday operators tend to provide structured RYA accredited training programmes as standard. It is common for operators to provide a wide range of dinghy types for sailors to learn and play in.

The fact that dinghy sailing holidays are shore-based offers distinct advantages in that there are usually several alternative activities to sailing both on land and in the water to get involved in. Sea kayaking, kitesurfing, scuba diving, wakeboarding, waterskiing and windsurfing are common water based alternatives. While road cycling, mountain biking, tennis and walking provide diversions on land.