17 August 2022.

Via Ferratta, Rock & Ice Climbing Mountain Stats for La Grave La Meije, France

Rock Climbing

Via Ferratta & Ice

Good to Know

Lift System

Total Registered Climbing Routes 0 Total Via Ferratta Routes 2 Rock Season May-Oct Total No. Of Lifts 11
Easy 0 Longest Via Ferratta Route 2000 m Via Ferrata Season May-Oct Uphill Capacity per hour No Info
Moderate 0 Additional Via Ferrata Info No Additional Info Ice Climbing Season Dec-March Chairlifts 1
Difficult 0 Ice Climbing Yes Mountain Restaurants Open In Summer 3 Bubbles Or Gondolas 1
Very Difficult 0 Additional Ice Climbing Info No Additional Info Mountain Restaurants Open In Winter 3 Cable Cars 0
Severe 0     Base Elevation 1450 m Highest Lift 3669 m
Hard Severe 0     Vertical Range 2219 m Lifts Operate In Summer Yes (Cable car from 1500m - 3200m)
Hard Very Severe 0            
Extremely Severe 0            
Longest Pitch No Info            
Additional Rock Climbing Info No Additional Info