26 June 2022.

Via Ferratta, Rock & Ice Climbing Mountain Stats for Kirchberg, Austria

Rock Climbing

Via Ferratta & Ice

Good to Know

Lift System

Total Registered Climbing Routes No Info Total Via Ferratta Routes No Info Rock Season May-Oct Total No. Of Lifts 53
Easy No Info Longest Via Ferratta Route No Info Via Ferrata Season May-Oct Uphill Capacity per hour 77,500
Moderate No Info Additional Via Ferrata Info No Info Ice Climbing Season No Info Chairlifts 27
Difficult No Info Ice Climbing No Info Mountain Restaurants Open In Summer 20 Bubbles Or Gondolas 5
Very Difficult No Info Additional Ice Climbing Info No Info Mountain Restaurants Open In Winter 20 Cable Cars 1
Severe No Info     Base Elevation 760m (2450ft) Highest Lift 1995m (6548ft)
Hard Severe No Info     Vertical Range 1235m (4098ft) Lifts Operate In Summer 2
Hard Very Severe No Info            
Extremely Severe No Info            
Longest Pitch No Info            
Additional Rock Climbing Info No Info