17 August 2022.

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If I said to you “windsurfing” you’d probably think of Vassiliki, Kos, Tarifa or Fuerteventura and if I’d said “sailing” Mallorca, Dalmatian Coast and Hebrides would probably have been the names springing to the fore. But if I said “windsurfing and sailing in Aviemore” you no doubt would have regarded me with a look of bewilderment. And that would be a fair response because Aviemore certainly isn’t likely to be hosting the next America’s Cup or anything like it although you would find that Loch Insh through which the famous River Spey flows is a regular venue for junior windsurfing T15 events.

Aviemore in fact has two substantial bodies of water where sailing and windsurfing are practised on a regular basis. Loch Insh as mentioned above is located south of town and experiences its’ best sailing conditions when the wind blows in from the southwest. Loch Morlich to the southeast of Aviemore on the road to Cairngorm Mountain is better served by wind more westerly in direction.

Both lochs boast RYA accredited sailing and windsurfing schools and are ideal places to learn either sport in relative safety. As far as windsurfing is concerned it’s possible to advance to become an adequate intermediate at either location. The same is true for aspiring dinghy sailors who should be able to master many of the skills needed to tackle various wind conditions. It should ne noted that being inland the wind is by no means guaranteed and when it does blow it can sometimes be pretty flukey – which can be especially tricky for windsurfers who tend to develop into stronger swimmers than windsurfers in such conditions.

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Beginner - Windsurf

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Both Loch Insh and Loch Morlich are ideal for learning how to windsurf as each offers a relatively safe environment free from oceanic currents and swell. If you get blown off course here the worst thing might be having to walk back to the beach from the other side of the loch.

At each centre there is an RYA accredited windsurfing school ready to provide instruction and if required provide any necessary equipment including wet suits.

Intermediate - Windsurf

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Loch Insh and Loch Morlich can serve up some pretty decent sailing conditions when the wind blows from the right direction. And when it does intermediates can get out and practice their planing, carve gibing and fast tacking until their hearts are content. The only issue is waiting for a good wind.


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Although it is certainly possible to kitesurf on either Loch Insh or Loch Morlich neither of the centres provide equipment hire or tuition at present. Also due to the proximity of trees on the shoreline of each loch, kitesurfing should really only be practised by competent riders. The problem being that kite lines get too easily snagged on the trees and of course kites themselves can get torn. However, that said, Loch Morlich does have a nice big sandy beach that’s suitable for launching.