06 October 2022.

Outdoor Activity Course Finder

  • Recreational Courses

    • Ski Lessons & Snowboard Lessons
    • Windsurfing Lessons & Kitesurfing Lessons
    • Mountain Bike Skills Training
    • Rock Climbing Lessons & Ice Climbing Lessons
    • Off-Piste Lessons & Mountain Safety Skills
    • Cross-Country Skiing Lessons.
    • Nordic / Telemark Skiing Lessons
    • Ski Mountaineering Courses & Navigation Courses
    • Freestyle Ski Lessons & Freestyle Snowboard Lessons
    • Avalanche Awareness Courses & First Aid Courses
    • Open Water Diving Courses
    • Sailing Lessons & Nautical Navigation Courses
  • Professional Courses

    • Ski Instructor Courses & Snowboard Instructor Courses.
    • Ski & Snowboard Guide Courses & Ski Patroller Courses.
    • Mountain Leader Courses.
    • Mountain Bike Instructor Courses & Trail Cycle Leader Courses
    • Windsurf Instructor & Kitesurf Instructor Courses
    • Dive Master Courses & Dive Insructor Courses
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Benefits Of Learning

  • Fulfilment

    • Sense of achievement from completing a course.
    • Better understanding of technique leads to better performance leads to greater enjoyment.
    • Pleasure of learning.
    • Learn to do it right and you're more likely to feel comfortable doing it and as a result look good too.
    • Meet and share experiences with like minded individuals.
    • Become proficient and more capable in less time.
    • Increased confidence.
  • Knowledge Is Power

    • Understand procedures and protocols for the environment.
    • Gain awareness of potential hazards so you can avoid them.
    • Do it right and you're less likely to get injured.
    • Do it right and you're more likely to look good.
    • Gaining the knowledge gives you the ability to share the knowledge.
    • Increased earning potential.