19 October 2021.

Vermont considers snowboarding proposal

By  Unsigned,   Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Legislators in the US state of Vermont are considering a proposal to make snowboarding the official state sport.

The idea came from a group of students who gave evidence in support of their plan to a Vermont Senate committee on Tuesday

They argued the state is home to equipment manufacturer Burton and that the local economy is further boosted by the number of snowboarding competitions which Vermont hosts.

Jocelyn Shusda from Swanton Central School told WCAX News that making snowboarding the official state sport would encourage more winter sports enthusiasts to travel to and spend money in Vermont.

She added: "Another benefit of having a state sport is that it will encourage people to be active."

A number of US states already have adventurous activities as their official sports, with New Hampshire opting for skiing, Hawaii going for surfing, Maryland choosing jousting and Alaska, perhaps unsurprisingly, selecting mushing.