06 December 2021.

Star ski jumper suspended

By  Unsigned,   Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Finnish ski jumper Harri Olli has been suspended by his country's skiing association for his "unsportsmanlike conduct" and for breaching its rules, according to reports.

Associated Press (AP) says Olli was suspended for the rest of the season by the Finnish Skiing Association (FSA) following his conduct at the Ski Flying World Championships.

Olli apparently went missing late on Friday and turned up only three hours prior to the start of the second day of jumping at the event.

In a statement, the FSA said: ''Olli's comeback in the national team is possible if he will follow the rules set for the team and alter his conduct."

Olli finished sixth at the worlds last week, worse than last year's silver medal performance.

Austria's 18-year-old Gregor Schlierenzauer won the championship following his first appearance at the event last year.

He told AP: "This is a dream, my greatest victory so far."