19 May 2022.

Skiers take a tumble in Norway

By  Unsigned,   Wednesday, 26 March 2008

It seems that a few too many skiers in Norway took a tumble or got lost over the Easter break, according to new figures.

Norway's Red Cross has revealed it was called out to help 963 skiers over the holiday, while ski resorts reported a record number of injuries, reports the Afterposten.

The Red Cross assisted 65 skiers who either lost their way or were reported missing on cross-country treks. More than 500 slalom skiers were injured on the slopes.

Ole Gladso, a spokesperson for the Red Cross emergency corps, told reporters: "We haven't needed to assist anyone without reason and people have also been good to take care of themselves."

The freezing weather also meant that tow trucks and road rescue teams were out in full. Dead car batteries hampered the lives of around 4,300 motorists, states the newspaper.

Earlier this month, Norway's Birkebeiner - a long-distance cross-country ski race - was attended by at least 10,000 competitors.