06 December 2021.

Adventure skiing course offered to disabled troops

By  Unsigned,   Thursday, 06 March 2008

An adventure skiing course in Bavaria is being offered to British soldiers injured in combat.

Nearly a dozen ski instructors completed an adaptive skiing course in January and they intend to pass on their skills to soldiers with disabilities on an adventure training course, reports the Ski Club of Great Britain.

The course, which takes place for three days starting March 10th, aims to help with the physical and mental rehabilitation of troops injured on recent operations.

According to the website of Disability Snowsport UK, which is running the programme, a disabled person chooses both freedom and independence "when they snap into bindings or transfer from a wheelchair to sit ski".

Snowsports also provide people with a method to "conquer the barriers that confront them in daily life and add to their potential".

The course will see 12 servicemen and women skiing at the Alpine Training Centre in Bavaria alongside 150 able-bodied soldiers.

It also enables disabled soldiers to become instructors themselves and to compete in future winter Paralympics events.