17 May 2022.

'Snowriding' - the latest word in snow sports

By  Unsigned,   Tuesday, 01 April 2008

An online dictionary has found a new catch-all term to replace the words 'skiing' and 'snowboarding' as the two have become inextricably linked in the snow sports adventure fraternity.

Addictionary recently ran a competition to find the new word for the two sports, garnering hundreds of submissions.

The eventual winner was 'snowriding', which was submitted by Roberta Stjernholm, from Colorado.

Other possible catch-call terms include 'boardskiing', 'skoarding' and 'sloping', according to the Ski Club of Great Britain.

Defined as a "new winter recreation industry term describing the act of either snow-boarding or snow skiing down a slope", snowriding can also be used as a verb meaning to ski and/or snowboard.

The website describes itself as a compendium of words that do not exist in the English language "but perhaps should".

It is too early to tell whether the word snowriding will catch on. Of course, it depends on whether snow resorts use it as a shorthand term for activities they offer.