02 October 2022.

About Devotion2motion.com

So why does Devotion2motion.com exist? Well simply – we hope – to make your life easier. Our aim is to help you identify where you can participate in certain adventure sports and outdoor activities and which are the best locations worldwide for activity holidays. Then we hope to help you find either suitable holiday accommodation or a reputable independent and licenced adventure tour operator in your preferred destination, how to get there and if it’s a winter sports holiday for example; ski or snowboard lessons; a mountain guide; and equipment hire if required.

Why does Devotion2motion.com cover so many adventure sports activities when most websites stick to just one? The truth is that the vast majority of individuals that participate in one adventure activity tend to do others too. And because many activities namely: climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, and hill walking for example, take place in the same resorts it makes sense to publish information relating to each side by side in one location. Ergo, you the doer will know where to easily find information on whichever activity you’re interested in without having to laboriously trawl the web for it.

If for instance, you particularly liked the ski resort you visited in winter and were impressed with the hotel, chalet or apartment you stayed in, then you might well book the same place for a week or two in summer when climbing, hiking, mountain biking, paragliding or maybe even – if you’re really nuts – winged suit proximity flying will be the staples on the freesports menu. Or if you prefer to try somewhere different, maybe a watersports destination, then hopefully you can use Devotion2motion.com to find the ideal windsurfing holiday in Greece or scuba diving safari in the Maldives.

Devotion2motion.com is managed by adventure activities enthusiasts for adventure activities enthusiasts and people who want to get into or find out more about outdoor pursuits and activity holidays. We know that each individual or group has their specific range of criteria that needs to be met when deciding on where to go to participate in their chosen activity or activities whether they’re going for a day, a weekend, a week or longer. So we endeavour to provide as much useful and relevant information as is practicable covering such things as: resort amenities, the range of accommodation available, childcare facilities, transport services, how to get there, shopping, eating out, leisure facilities and of course what activities are on offer.

With regard to our headline activities: cycling and mountain biking, climbing, hiking and walking, kitesurfing, sailing, scuba diving, skiing, snowboarding, surfing and windsurfing, we provide information relevant to each and use a simple one to five grading system – one being low, five being high – to guide you on how suitable a location is for specific aspects of an activity. For example, a ski resort with a grading of three for beginners would be a reasonable choice of destination for a ski holiday for most beginners but one with a grading of five would be excellent and one with a grading of one would not be recommended.

How To Use Devotion2motion.com

Devotion2motion.com provides accommodation listings and other useful information regarding resorts where you can participate in any of our headline adventure sports activities that includes: cylcing and mountain biking, climbing, hiking and walking, kitesurfing, sailing, scuba diving, skiing, snowboarding, surfing and windsurfing. Soon we hope to add canoeing and kayaking to this list too.

Through providing our service we aim to help you:

  • Decide upon a suitable resort for your activity holiday.

  • Find desirable accommodation fit for your adventure sports break.

  • Choose a method of transport compatible with your requirements.

  • Identify reputable companies providing instruction, guiding and other freesports related services.

  • Source equipment, such as: bicycles, skis, snowboards, surfboards, kites, and sails.

Below are some simple step by step instructions on how to navigate the site and how to use the tools on each page effectively.

I want to choose a resort for my next adventure sport and activity holiday.
Step 1  From the menu bar above navigate to our “Destinations” page or an activity page as listed under the “Activities” tab.
Step 2  Use the drop down menus on the “Destinations” or “Activity” page to locate a resort you are interested in. Choosing from the “Continents” and “Countries” drop down lists will narrow the choice of resorts you may then select from. Once you have chosen a resort from the Resorts drop down list you will automatically be redirected to that resort’s page.
Step 3  From the resort page you will gain access to a resorts activity pages and other information pages including; getting here; resort courses; resort accommodation; resort amenities; and resort publications. Visiting these pages will give you access to a great deal of valuable information.

I want to learn how to ski.
Step 1  From the menu bar above navigate to our “Courses” page or via individual resort activity pages – skiing page in this example – navigate to a “Resort Courses” page.
Step 2  Follow the on screen instructions and enter your course search criteria by selecting appropriately from the various dropdown menus. Click search to be presented with a list of available courses matching your selections.
Step 3  From the list of courses click “More Info” to see the course details. If you wish to contact the course provider then follow the on screen instructions.

I want to check out all the chalets in France.
Step 1  From the menu bar above navigate to our “Accommodation” page.
Step 2  Using either of the search tools follow the on screen instructions to make the appropriate search criteria selections and then click the corresponding search button to be presented with a list of properties matching your choices.
Step 3  From the list of hotels, chalets etc. click “More Info” to see the property’s details. If you wish to contact the accommodation proprietors then follow the on screen instructions.
NB: You can email any number of properties at once if you select the “Send Email” checkbox for each accommodation you are interested in contacting. A draft email will be drawn up and sent to each selected.

I’ve chosen the resort and accommodation and now want to find out what travel options are available to me.
Step 1  From the “Resort” or “Resort Activity” page select the “Getting Here” link to be redirected to the “Getting Here” page.
Step 2  On the "Getting Here" page make selections from the drop down menus to be presented with a list of journeys. Each journey states an approximate overall travel time so as to give you an idea of the minimum time you should expect to take to get to your chosen destination.
Step 3  Where applicable, you can click on the link to be taken to the transport service provider’s website to make a booking if you so wish.

I want to buy a guidebook on Mountain Biking in Scotland.
Step 1  From the “Biking” page accessed via the “Activities” tab in the menu above, select Scotland from the “Countries” drop down list and then select a resort from the “Resorts” drop down list to be re-directed to that resort’s page.
Step 2  From the resort page you can then access the “Resort Activity” page by clicking the appropriate activity icon in the “Resort Activities” list on the left hand side of the page.
Step 3  From the resort activities page – in this example a Scottish Mountain Biking resort – you can access a list of publications via the “Resort Publications” link. Here you can read our review and in find further links to websites from where you can purchase the title.

These are just a few ways in which the site can be used. We aim to keep the site as flexible as possible while remaining user friendly. If you have any suggestions on how we could improve the site then why not get in touch and share your ideas.